Want Natural Looking Dentures? What You Need to Know!

Natural Looking Dentures

At Edgewater Dental, we have heard a lot of misconceptions about Dentures. They don’t fit well, they don’t look natural. We understand that often times you are your toughest critic and when you are living with these dentures day in and day out they have to not just perform like your original teeth but look the part as well.

Edgewater Dental partners with America’s most advanced dental laboratory Glidewell Labs to offer our patients the ability to receive dentures that incorporate the newest advances in dental technology to produce Dentures that are not only functional but absolutely flawless in their appearance.

Here are some of the more common problems that patients experience with traditional dentures recreated in the past and how Edgewater Dental and Glidewell Labs have solved these problems. If you decide to opt for Implant Retained Dentures or our All on X procedure even more of your problems could be solved.

Aesthetics of the Gum Tissue

One of the most common denture complaints we encounter is that the base doesn’t really look like a natural gums. This has historically been an issue in dentures. Often times the color may be too pink in appearances or patients state they only had a few shades to pick from with their base. Patients have also noted that the gums don’t look natural and appear to have a plastic appearance which can be off setting.

Dentures created at Edgewater Dental via our partnership with Glidewell Labs use the most advanced techniques for manufacturing the denture base. This includes naturalistic shaping around your teeth the same as natural gums. We employ the use of layered acrylics to create the appearance of natural tissue and can even replicate details such as blood vessels. Your final result is the most natural appearing dentures available on the market.

Shape of the Teeth

Most traditional dentures created in the past had a limited number of options for the shape of the teeth or had the teeth already installed. You now have the ability for your dentist to select teeth that will provide you a smile that is uniquely yours.

Naturalistic Tooth Texture

Another one of the common denture complaints comes in the form of denture complaints that the teeth themselves look flat. This is because most of the older dentures tended to be manufactured out of plastic. Plastic teeth will always have that artificial appearance and even some of the ceramic teeth can often have a very flat appearance. Dentures created by Edgewater Dental and Glidewell labs have a textured surface which helps them become the most natural looking dentures in all light conditions.

If your in the market for the most natural looking dentures Edgewater Dental can provide this experience for you. Our patients continually cite how happy they are with their new set of dentures that we custom design for them from Glidewell labs. Come in today for your consultation and see what we can do for you!

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