Are You Experiencing Bone Loss Around Your Teeth?

bone loss

If you have noticed that the curvature of your gum severely dips where you have had extractions in the past you may be experiencing bone loss. If you interested in seeking out some options for a new smile, you may find yourself in need of a few minor surgical corrections before you start. Bone Grafts can often be placed to treat these dipping gum lines and provide you a great base into which implants can be placed.

Dental bone grafts are a procedure that is performed to increase the amount of bone in a section of the jaw where bone has been lost or where additional support is required. Often times synthetic bone is utilized but bone grafts can also originate from elsewhere in your own body. When dental implants are being considered bone grafts are often necessary for there to be sufficient support structure for the implant to be structurally sound. In other instances patients may opt for bone grafts in circumstances where they want to maintain that jaw contour in the case of an extraction where a bridge may be placed to that there isn’t an obvious deformity under the bridge. Bone grafts are often common after extractions and debridement of tissue that has been severely infected which caused significant bone loss to the jaw.

While bone grafts can be a great option for those who fit the scenarios above it is also important to choose a dental professional with a vast experience and expertise in this procedure. Dr. Ali Sajadi of Edgewater Dental is a board certified Periodontist and is currently a faculty member at the University of Texas Dental School where he teaches these advanced surgical technics on a daily basis. When your looking to entrust your smile to the best, look no further.

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