Sedation Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX

Sedation Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX

Most people are anxious about going to the dentist. Maybe because of the reputation of dental treatments being painful. Whatever the reason, fear of the dentist makes people not go to the dentist, even when they feel there’s something wrong with their teeth or mouth. 

Thankfully, dentistry has advanced far since the days of painful root canals and tooth extractions. It has progressed to the point where it has a solution for the fear and anxiety about going to the dentist: sedation dentistry.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is that branch of dentistry that makes patients calm, relaxed, and comfortable through the use of sedatives. These sedatives generally do not put the patient to sleep, but just calm their nerves and make them comfortably compliant. Sedation dentistry is practiced mainly on children who haven’t gotten over being afraid of the dentist, and older people who suffer from anxiety because of their phobia of dental procedures or because of some psychological issue. 

At Edgewater Dental, we make every effort to make our patients comfortable and relaxed before, during, and after their dental procedures. For this, we employ sedation dentistry when we need the patient to cooperate and keep their fear reflexes from interfering with the treatments.

How Are the Sedatives Administered?

  • Oral Sedation

In this method, the sedative comes in the form of a pill to be taken 30 minutes to one hour before the procedure. This is a mild sedative used to calm the patient before simpler procedures. The sedative wears off slowly, almost as much time for it to take effect. Therefore, if you are required to take oral sedation, have someone drive you or take you to and from the dentist’s office.

  • Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, this sedative is inhaled by the patient through a mask. Nitrous oxide is used in dental procedures of medium complexity. When the mask is removed, the sedative effect wears off almost immediately.

  • IV Sedation

For more complex procedures, the sedative is administered intravenously and carefully controlled by an anesthesiologist. This is a more potent sedative where recovery time is longer and the patient retains little memory of the procedure.

Edgewater Dental provides a wide range of general, preventative, and cosmetic dentistry services to clients of all ages in Sugar Land, Texas. If you feel anxious about certain dental procedures you have to undergo, let us know by calling us at (832) 532-7120, book an appointment online, or visit us at 3425 South, Hwy 6 Suite 108 B, Sugar Land, Texas 77478. 


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