How Can I Tell If My Dental Implant Is Failing?

Implant Failure

If you have invested in or are considering a dental implant for the replacement of a missing tooth you fully understand that there is a considerable investment of time and financial resources at risk. When you have a dental implant you might think that you have solved your oral health problem and can be on your way which sometimes in the case but sometimes is not. If you do have concerns about the integrity of your dental implant or wanted to know what warning signs to look out for and what you can do to prevent a complete loss of your implant you have come to the right place!

How do you know your implant is failing?

Why is the implant failing?

Although Dental implant failure is relatively rare, typically failure is the result of multiple factors but the four most common causes are:


Proper Hygiene is absolutely critical for the basic maintenance of your implants but never overlook having your implant regularly inspected by a periodontist or implant specialist at least once a year. A specialist that is familiar with your implant brand and specifications can ascertain the overall health of the tissue and the implant itself. It is always important to ensure that the implant crown if it is a screw retained implant is torqued at the proper specifications and that no other teeth have shifted so that they are applying pressure to the implant in a way that may cause future issues for your implant’s long term viability.

What Do I Do If My Implant Falls Out?

If you do suffer from complete implant failure and the implant falls out keep the implant and crown and return to your implant specialist immediately. The current implant will obviously not be able to be used again but often times the dentist may be able to return your implant to the manufacturer and get you a replacement implant which can save you a lot of money during your revision surgery. If the area is bleeding you can apply a tea bag in the area which will act as a natural clotting agent and stem any excessive bleeding until you can return to your dentist.

If you haven’t seen your implant specialists since having your implant placed and want to gauge your implant’s health or have concerns about your implant’s current state if you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, please contact us today via phone or online for scheduling.


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