Sedation Dentistry: A Way To Ease Your Dental Appointment

Sedation Dentistry: A Way To Ease Your Dental Appointment

Posted by Edgewater Dental on Sep 11 2022, 05:09 AM

Sedation Dentistry: A Way To Ease Your Dental Appointment

Sedation dentistry refers to the use of medication to help a patient relax during dental treatment. This field of dentistry can help relax even the most anxious patient. At Edgewater Dental, many patients find sedation dentistry very beneficial because it allows them to get through multiple treatments in fewer appointments.

There are different types of sedation used in dentistry. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. We offer sedation dentistry in Sugar Land, TX. We are proud to offer sedation dentistry in a comfortable, safe environment. Our dental team is here to answer any questions you have about sedation dentistry.

The most common sedation dentistry options are:

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation involves taking medications by mouth. The medication will sedate a patient from mild to deep. The sedation level will depend on your level of anxiety. The dentist will prescribe a medication based on the severity of your fear.

Inhaled Sedation

Inhaled sedation is delivered through an inhaler. The medication used is inhaled through the nose and is absorbed through the bloodstream. This sedation is often the best option for those who have mild to moderate dental anxiety.

Inhaled sedation is commonly known as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is used, which is combined with oxygen. This makes the process very safe for patients. Nitrous oxide has a calming effect, which works quickly. One minute after receiving the gas, the patient will feel relaxed. Oral sedation methods take longer to take effect but last for a longer period of time.

Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation is a safe and effective way to relieve dental anxiety. IV sedation is a sedative agent delivered directly into your bloodstream while you remain conscious.

IV sedation takes effect quickly. You will need someone to drive you home after your appointment.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is the deepest form of dental sedation. Under general anesthesia, you will be completely unconscious and have no awareness during your procedure. Because of this, general anesthesia is usually reserved for the most invasive or lengthy dental work.

Local Anesthesia

The dentist or dental hygienist will numb the injection site with a topical gel or local anesthetic. Next, the dentist will inject the local anesthetic to numb the area. You may feel pressure, but there should be no pain.

To learn more about the sedation dentistry treatments we offer patients in Sugar Land, Texas, contact Edgewater Dental today at (832) 532-7120 or visit us at 3425 South, Hwy 6 Suite 108 B, Sugar Land, TX 77478. 

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