What to Do If Someone You Love Has A Dental Emergency During Sports!

What to Do If Someone You Love Has A Dental Emergency During Sports!

Posted by Edgewater Dental on Aug 17 2020, 07:34 AM

What to Do If Someone You Love Has A Dental Emergency During Sports!

Sports are a crucial part of our everyday activities. Whether it’s a contact sport such as football or something with a little less risk of immediate injury such as running there is always an inherent risk of injury. Dental Emergencies are an all too common occurrence when it comes to sports but there are a couple of key items that can make all the difference in salvaging teeth that have been knocked loose or chipped while participating in sports. If you or someone you love is involved in sports we have included not only a critical list of emergency dental items that you or your sports facility should keep on hand but a handy reference that can guide you through the most common dental emergencies. In all cases please call your dental provider immediately for further instructions and always remember that at Eldridge Dental we have a 24/7 Emergency line where you can speak directly with your dentist to coordinate in case of a crisis!

Emergency dental items that all sports centers should keep to hand

· Directions for requesting emergency assistance

· Gauze Pads (at least 4x4 inches)

· Two large gauze pads (at least 8 x 10)

· One box of adhesive bandages

· One package of gauze roller bandage (at least 2 inches wide)

· Two triangular bandages

· Wound cleaning agent (sealed moistened towelettes will suffice)

· Scissors

· At least one blanket

· Tweezers

· Adhesive tape

· Latex gloves

· Resuscitation equipment (airway of pocket mask)

· Two elastic wraps

· Splint


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